• CCSF & SFPUC FY 23-24 Fiscal Year-End Notification 07/05/2024

    The City and County of San Francisco closed its fiscal year on June 30, 2024. Since the City uses a Modified Accrual method, we need our Suppliers’ full cooperation for accurate and complete reporting of SFPUC expenditures. The Controller’s Office has requested that we follow their fiscal year-end sequencing timeline. To comply with this request, the SFPUC has established the following critical date:

    • 07/30/24 – Contractors/Consultants/Suppliers must submit charges for work performed through June 30, 2024 either as an invoice in SOLIS or as an estimate to PPU@sfwater.org. The method of estimating will need to be included for audit trail purposes. Please comply with this request as otherwise your payments will be delayed.


    For information on Business Registration Renewal, please go to the link here: Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office

    Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

  • Welcome to the new SOLIS 3 System 02/01/2018

    Users trying to access the legacy SOLIS system can use the following link: Link to Legacy SOLIS system.